• Welzijn_Alzheimer_Logo

    Alzheimer Empathy Products

    Alzheimer’s disease – almost everybody knows someone who is struggling with it. The disease has a […]

  • Nothing place – place

    Nothing place – place

    A little piece of grass in the middle of nowhere, only visited by the occasional dog. […]

  • A public mini vegetable garden

    A public mini vegetable garden

    A public mini vegetable garden that travels through the city. People can take the food, as […]

  • Porcelain heart

    Porcelain heart

    Little brooch, made for a wedding. At the wedding day the guests weared this with a […]

  • Parkinson cup

    Parkinson cup

    Tea cups for elderly with Parkinson disease. Old people like to drink out of their porcelain […]

  • Tompoes installation

    Tompoes installation

    A confusing installation. It’s uncomfortable, and changes into comfortable. As a visitor you get socks with […]

  • Film about handicaps

    Film about handicaps

    This project shows life with a handicap. There are two aspects in this short film. The […]

  • Porcelain gin set

    Porcelain gin set

    This set is critical about alcohol consumption. The gin bottle is smooth on the outside but […]

  • Mother tree table

    Mother tree table

    The assignment was to design a table that fits two chairs that inspire you. I chose […]

  • A ring made of post-its

    A ring made of post-its

    Made to send a memo to your loved one every day. If you run out of […]

  • Material experience Porcelain and metal

    Material experience Porcelain and metal

    Porcelain and metal don’t play well together because the metal melts in the oven, creating all […]

  • Poster research

    Poster research

    An interactive poster that triggers people to ask questions. “An answer starts with a question.” Change […]

  • Hat


    Is it a hat? Or a cap? It’s somewhere in between. To wear casual or all […]